Zoey - 3yr female ****Adopted 8/2015!!****

Sweet Zoey is a beautiful 3yr old female who was used to push out puppies for profit by inexperienced puppy sellers (we can't bring ourselves to call them breeders) who knew nothing about breeding or whelping dogs. She was deemed 'not a good mother' so the humans decided to put her on Craigslist (so someone else could make a few bucks). Before she was two years old, she already had two litters - much too young to be bred. Her days of pumping out "Craigslist Puppies" are done and she's quite happy to be someone's loved companion. She's been adopted and loving the easy Rottie life she deserves. 
Preserving a working heritage
Nugget  !!!!ADOPTED!!!!

Nugget is a lovely little male who came to us when he was just 6 months old and knew absolutely nothing and had no boundaries or training. We don't think he knew his name! But he has a GREAT temperament and in his foster home, has made up for lost time. He's a very happy and busy dog that loves people, loves to play and gets along with other dogs. He now walks nicely on a leash and is crate trained. He's only 70lbs and will eventually be about 80lbs but he's all Rottweiler! He will only go to a home that will continue his training and socialization and integrate him into a family. He's good with children and a very affectionate and loving dog that is ready for his own family.
Rodney (AKA "Hot Rod")  !!!!ADOPTED 9/2014!!!!

"Hot Rod" Rodney has recently joined our rescue program and he's all revved up for some fine tuning. He'll soon be ready to go! Rodney's owners dumped him at a boarding kennel claiming they would be back in two weeks to pick him up and never came. Turns out, they moved to the east coast and tried to sell him…right from the boarding facility, to someone who wanted to use him as stud to breed and sell puppies for "a little extra cash". Thankfully, the 'buyer' never showed up and the owners never claimed him. Rodney is a high energy pup that is very toy motivated and just an all around happy dog. He's learning how to down shift and operate in low gears, gets along well with other dogs big and small, and loves people. Although he is getting some basic manners training, he will need a home that will continue formal training sessions with him. 
Duke - 7mo old male ****Adopted 10/19****

Big Duke is an extremely friendly boy and very willing to please. He was purchased by a family who acquired him as a companion for their young son who is ill. Unfortunately the child's illness soon required more attention and Duke quickly went from fluffy little puppy, to large, untrained trained puppy, and he was ostracized to the backyard. Thankfully we had room for him in our foster program. He's a very happy and social dog (can't you tell by his big smile?!) with loads of young dog exuberance so FORMAL training is required. He's already a big boisterous boy and will get even bigger so he's not recommended for homes with small children or pets. But he does have a temperament that shows promise for dog sport/activities. 
Elsa - 5mo old female ****Adopted 10/4****

Look deep into my puppy eyes…then get real close so I can lick you. Little Elsa is a "pocket Rott" as she's on the small side, even for a 5 month old puppy. When fully grown, she will probably top the scale at about 70lbs but despite her small size, she's full Rottweiler with full Rottie personality! Elsa came from a home that purchased her from a "puppy mill pet store" then realized they couldn't have Rottweilers in military housing. She was 'free/unspayed female' on Craiglist and thankfully, we found her before another puppy mill/puppy seller did. She's very friendly with people and dogs but will need training because….she's a PUPPY! In her foster home she's already learned to sit and wait patiently for her food and woking on basic manners. She's now spayed and and ready to go to her new home!
Bella - 2yr female ****Adopted 11/22****

Bella is a two year old smaller female that is ready for a real Rottie life. Her previous home was 'moving' and didn't want her anymore. Of course, they didn't want her after she had puppies and they were all sold. She had a recent litter and she needs some time to recover and get her Rottie body back but while in foster, she's getting the necessary nutrition and attention she needs. She's an absolute sweetheart and loves affection. She could use some training but really just needs a loving home that will include her as part of the family.
Hercules - 4yr old male ****Adopted 12/14****

If you are looking for a lovable, affectionate, and well mannered Rottweiler, HERE HE IS! Hercules is a VERY nice dog who wants to hang out with humans and be loved. He's about 80lbs, crate trained and good with children and small dogs. His owners love him to pieces but due to unexpected military orders to Japan (and the military housing ban on Rottweilers) they have no choice but to re home him. He's a soft temperament dog and needs a firm but soft approach. He has some basic obedience and house manners training, takes treats gently and is an expert "leaner". He's a real gem of a Rottweiler with an wonderful temperament. 
Roxy - 6mo female ***ADOPTED 12/27***

Little Roxy - not even 6 months old and passed around three times before she came to us. She was rescued from Craigslist where the owner had her for only two weeks - claims someone 'gave' her to him yet he was selling her for $100 or best offer. One look into those eyes and you can see, she doesn't want to be a puppy producer and would rather enjoy life as a loved Rottweiler. She's very dog friendly and loves to play with balls. She's at a perfect age to get started in a new home and begin puppy training so she can be the perfect Rottweiler companion. She is learning some basic manners in her foster home, is crate trained and is a complete sweetheart of a dog. She's been spayed, chipped and vaccinated and is ready to go to a permanent home. 
Tyson - 8mo male ***Adopted 1/10/2015***

Can you believe this adorable boy was DUMPED at a boarding kennel? Tyson is a handsome young male who spent the last month waiting for his owner to come back for him after what was supposed to be a two day stay. That guy is a looser but Tyson wins this round because he's now part of our rescue and we'll make sure he gets a new family that is worthy of a Rottweiler! Tyson is in our foster care and hanging out with two small dogs and is a perfect pup. He's very happy to be out of the kennel but he's also just....a happy dog! He loves to play with a ball and is a typical 8 month old pup that is full of life and ready to experience more of it! He is crate trained and while in our foster care, will learn basic manners but training is a must for his next owners. 
Maya - 1 yr old female - ***Adopted 2/10/2015***

Marvelous Maya, is a beautiful one year old pretty female who is extremely friendly, great wtih with other dogs and children and is housebroken (woo hoo!). In her previous home, she was an indoor dog and lived with two small dogs and slept in the room of her 'little humans'. She has a soft, yet very 'willing' temperament and can be shy at first but warms up after a few minutes. She didn't get out much in her prior home but we are working on that by exposing her to as many new things as possible and making it a fun game! She loves to run around the yard, but doesn’t seem to know how play with balls or toys!! We don't think she had dog toys in her previous homes (yes, homes…she was passed around a few times before coming to us).  
Layla - 2yr old female ****4/27/2015 ADOPTED!!****​

Little Miss Layla found her new family! She's come SOO far since we first rescued her and we were beyond thrilled when she finally met the perfect family. Lovely Little Layla - sure has been through a lot for such a young dog. She and her littermate brother are the result of inexperienced puppy sellers who left them in a vacant yard and did nothing more than throw food over the wall to feed them. They spent the first year of their life with no human interaction, no vet visits, not even names. When we brought them into our program they were terrified of EVERYTHING and honestly, we weren't sure they were going to recover.She now lives with her adoptive brother Achilles and they are the best of friends. She (now known as Athena) goes on regular walks to parks and neighborhood stores and has become quite the social butterfly! 
Ryder - 1yr male ****8/2015 ADOPTED!!****​

Ryder, the darn cute Rottweiler! He loves to have fun and at 1yr old....life is all about fun. Ryder is about 75lbs and has some basic manners learned in his previous home and needs a home that will continue the work. He's a very social boy and eager to greet his humans when they come home with smiles and happy spins!. He's great with most dogs, large and small, but he's still a young dog and may be too exuberant for toy breeds. He is crate trained (and will go in on his own when he's tired) but still needs help walking on leash. So much excitement to check out new things! 
Leo (the lover) - 2yr male ****8/2015 ADOPTED!!****​

He's almost two years old and is 110lbs of pure Rottie love. He's a big strong boy but a very sweet soul. He and his family moved to the San Diego area and have been living in a rental home for the past year and the landlord has told them that Leo cannot stay (although it's not Leo's fault). He has grown up around small children and a house cat and loves people and kids. He knows basic commands, is house trained and crate trained (likes to sleep in his house crate at night) and is dog friendly. 
Zeus - 4yr male ***** ADOPTED 2/2016 *****

What a beautiful face. Zeus is a big and lovable barely 4yr old male who was adopted by a previous adopter with a lovely female "Layla" (adopted from Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles). We aren't sure who is happier, Zeus or Layla with her new housemate!
Luna - 10m female ***** Adopted 2/2016 *****

​Don't let this serious face kid you. This little girl just wants to have fun! Lovely Luna is just one year old and full of fun and energy and we are happy that she found her new family and has settled in very well. She even has her own toddler to play with! 
Beautiful Benny Boy - 2yr male **ADOPTED**

If Benny was any sweeter, he'd give you a cavity. He's a big gentle boy that loves people and does well with dogs of all sizes but still needs training since his previous home....did nothing. He is quickly learning some basic manner in his foster home and loves to please. He's definitely a 'belly up' dog and loves affection. He came to us with a badly infected wound that had not been treated properly but he's now in good hands and we are getting it under control and he'll be healed up on no time!
Blue - 1.5 yr male *** ADOPTED 6/2016!!***

Little Boy Blue - is anything but BLUE! He's about as happy as it gets. Blue is an energetic boy that loves to play and will even occupy himself which means...if you don't give him something to do, he'll find something and may not be a GOOD thing. He's good with people and most dogs but not recommended around small/young children. Formal training is a requirement for this fellow since he didn't get much in his previous home and still has some puppy-isms that were never discouraged as he grew up.
Tinker - 9m female ***ADOPTED!!***

Awww...little Tinker is a Craigslist dog that was passed around a couple times and when we got her, she'd been kept in a garage for a month by people who got her for free then tried to sell her for profit. No training, no bed, no love, just profit and we all know what happens to non spayed females on Craigslist. Thankfully - we got her before the puppy pimps! She's been spayed, chipped and vaccinated and was an absolute gem at the vet. For a dog that's missed out on a proper puppy hood, she's very sweet, has a lovely temperament and easy on the eyes! She's still a little jumpy at new things but recovers well and wants to investigate.
Riley - 9m female ****ADOPTED 7/2016!!****

Sweet little Riley just came to us on 6/2 and she's a young little thing and sweet as can be. She's still very much a puppy and is in need of proper socialization and exposure to the real world (No....dog parks are NOT proper socialization.) She was an indoor dog and lived with a cat and is house trained but still needs training (don't they all?) She had just come into her first heat cycle when we got her (thank goodness we got her before anyone else) and will soon be spayed, chipped and a few other necessary treatments to get her ready for her new home. She's done well with other dogs we've introduced her to but still a little reserved around exuberant dogs. 
Bolt - 3yr male ***ADOPTED 10/2016!!***

We can't say enough good things about Bolt. He is...Mr. Wonderful. He passed our initial evaluation and temperament tests with flying colors and is just a very lovable and cool dog. At 3yrs young he is good with kids, (grew up with them from a pup) knows many basic commands, house trained and takes treats gently. He needs some refresher training and good leash walks but he's willing and motivated to learn. He is good with other well mannered dogs and LOVES belly rubs from anyone willing to give them. Bolt was raised in a very loving home and is accustomed to being part of the family. 
Chops  - 1yr male  - why Craigslist is bad for dogs ***ADOPTED 1/2017***

Chops is a perfect example of why people who post/sell puppies on Craigslist are NOT caring or responsible breeders. Chops was first sold on Craigslist  when he was just a few months old and went to a home who didn't understand the breed and new nothing about training and socializing dogs yet they planned to breed him and SELL puppies.  When the fluffy little puppy became a 70lb puppy with no boundaries, they realized he was more than they could handle. So...they posted him 'free - 11 mo old non neutered male' on Craigslist. Thank goodness we found him before anyone could breed him, neglect him or 'try' him and dump him again. 

Astro - 5yr male - owner went missing early April *****ADOPTED 5/2017*****

Early April 2017, a San Diego area woman went missing and although her car was later found in Ocean Beach, she was never located. A few weeks after police posted a missing persons alert, we were notified she had left behind a very sweet, yet very scared Rottweiler named Astro. The daughter of the missing woman came to San Diego to help search for her mother and found Astro in very poor condition. Little Astro was covered in fleas, wounds and open sores due to neglect and had terrible infections in both ears and in so much pain, he didn't want anyone to touch him. He was underweight, in awful physical condition and the only person he new since he was a pup, was gone.​