All dogs listed on this page are waiting for their special family to adopt them. The Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego does not have a kennel and relies on the generosity of foster families.  If you are interested in being a foster home or sponsoring a dog please contact us! 
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Duke - 7mo old male ****Adopted 10/19****

Big Duke is an extremely friendly boy and very willing to please. He was purchased by a family who acquired him as a companion for their young son who is ill. Unfortunately the child's illness soon required more attention and Duke quickly went from fluffy little puppy, to large, untrained trained puppy, and he was ostracized to the backyard. Thankfully we had room for him in our foster program. He's a very happy and social dog (can't you tell by his big smile?!) with loads of young dog exuberance so FORMAL training is required. He's already a big boisterous boy and will get even bigger so he's not recommended for homes with small children or pets. But he does have a temperament that shows promise for dog sport/activities. 
Layla - 2yr old female    She's looking for love!

Little Miss Layla is looking for her new family. She's come SOO far since we first rescued her and she's absolutely ready for a family of her own!! Lovely Little Layla - sure has been through a lot for such a young dog. She and her littermate brother are the result of inexperienced puppy sellers who left them in a vacant yard and did nothing more than throw food over the wall to feed them. They spent the first year of their life with no human interaction, no vet visits, not even names. When we brought them into our program they were terrified of EVERYTHING and honestly, we weren't sure they were going to recover. We are happy to say that with a LOT of time and effort by our club members, she has come to realize that people and places aren't so scary after all! She is a small Rottweiler at 55lbs and very sweet but still reserved at first with new things. She will do best in a home with other dogs and humans who will continue to expose her to new things and training using a positive approach.  In her foster home, she sleeps in a crate at night and enjoys playing with the two resident male Rottweilers and a 7yr old girl. She's chipped, spayed, vaccinated and ready to bond with humans who will welcome her into their family. 
Preserving a working heritage

Elsa - 5mo old female ****Adopted 10/4****

Look deep into my puppy eyes…then get real close so I can lick you. Little Elsa is a "pocket Rott" as she's on the small side, even for a 5 month old puppy. When fully grown, she will probably top the scale at about 70lbs but despite her small size, she's full Rottweiler with full Rottie personality! Elsa came from a home that purchased her from a "puppy mill pet store" then realized they couldn't have Rottweilers in military housing. She was 'free/unspayed female' on Craiglist and thankfully, we found her before another puppy mill/puppy seller did. She's very friendly with people and dogs but will need training because….she's a PUPPY! In her foster home she's already learned to sit and wait patiently for her food and woking on basic manners.  She's now spayed and and ready to go to her new home!
Hercules - 4yr old male 

If you are looking for a lovable, affectionate, and well mannered Rottweiler, HERE HE IS! Hercules is a VERY nice dog who wants to hang out with humans and be loved. He's about 80lbs, crate trained and good with children and small dogs. His owners love him to pieces but due to unexpected military orders to Japan (and the military housing ban on Rottweilers) they have no choice but to re home him. He's a soft temperament dog and needs a firm but soft approach. He has some basic obedience and house manners training, takes treats gently and is an expert "leaner". He's a real gem of a Rottweiler with an wonderful temperament.