All dogs listed on this page are waiting for their special family to adopt them. The Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego does not have a kennel and relies on the generosity of foster families.  If you are interested in being a foster home or sponsoring a dog please contact us! 
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Preserving a working heritage

Zeus - Barely 4yr male

What a beautiful face. Zeus is a big and lovable barely 4yr old male that is good with other dogs and children and loves to play with toys. He can make his own fun with a jolly ball or knotted rope then come back for belly rubs. He has some basic manners but is very willing to learn more and responds very well to food rewards. He's about 100lbs and very gentle when taking treats. In his current home, he's frequently visited by family with toddlers and enjoys being social with everyone.  We recently placed one of his offspring -  daughter Angel - and now it's time to find Zeus a home where he can live happily ever after (and won't make ANY more puppies!) He's big and gentle but will only go an experienced Rottweiler home. 
Ryder - 1yr male   ****Adopted 8/2015!!****

Ryder, the darn cute Rottweiler! He loves to have fun and at 1yr is all about fun. Ryder is about 75lbs and has some basic manners learned in his previous home and needs a home that will continue the work. He's a very social boy and eager to greet his humans when they come home with smiles and happy spins!. He's great with most dogs, large and small, but he's still a young dog and may be too exuberant for toy breeds. He is crate trained (and will go in on his own when he's tired) but still needs help walking on leash. So much excitement to check out new things! 
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Leo (the lover) - 2yr male ****Adopted 8/2015!!****

He's almost two years old and is 110lbs of pure Rottie love. He's a big strong boy but a very sweet soul. He and his family moved to the San Diego area and have been living in a rental home for the past year and the landlord has told them that Leo cannot stay (although it's not Leo's fault). He has grown up around small children and a house cat and loves people and kids. He knows basic commands, is house trained and crate trained (likes to sleep in his house crate at night) and is dog friendly.