All dogs listed on this page are waiting for their special family to adopt them. The Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego does not have a kennel and relies on the generosity of foster families.  If you are interested in being a foster home or sponsoring a dog please contact us! 
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Preserving a working heritage

Riley - 9m female

Sweet little Riley just came to us on 6/2 and she's a young little thing and sweet as can be. She's still very much a puppy and is in need of proper socialization and exposure to the real world ( parks are NOT proper socialization.) She was an indoor dog and lived with a cat and is house trained but still needs training (don't they all?) She had just come into her first heat cycle when we got her (thank goodness we got her before anyone else) and will soon be spayed, chipped and a few other necessary treatments to get her ready for her new home. She's done well with other dogs we've introduced her to but still a little reserved around exuberant dogs. 
Blue  - 1.5 yr male *** ADOPTED!***

Little Boy Blue - is anything but BLUE! He's about as happy as it gets. Blue is an energetic boy that loves to play and will even occupy himself which means...if you don't give him something to do, he'll find something and may not be a GOOD thing. He's good with people and most dogs but not recommended around small/young children. Formal training is a requirement for this fellow since he didn't get much in his previous home and still has some puppy-isms that were never discouraged as he grew up.  
Tinker - 9m female ***ADOPTED!!***

Awww...little Tinker is a Craigslist dog that was passed around a couple times and when we got her, she'd been kept in a garage for a month by people who got her for free then tried to sell her for profit. No training, no bed, no love, just profit and we all know what happens to non spayed females on Craigslist. Thankfully - we got her before the puppy pimps! She's been spayed, chipped and vaccinated and was an absolute gem at the vet. For a dog that's missed out on a proper puppy hood, she's very sweet, has a lovely temperament and easy on the eyes! She's still a little jumpy at new things but recovers well and wants to investigate.