All dogs listed on this page are waiting for their special family to adopt them. The Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego does not have a kennel and relies on the generosity of foster families.  If you are interested in being a foster home or sponsoring a dog please contact us! 
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Astro - 5yr male  - owner went missing early April *****ADOPTED 5/2017*****

Early April 2017, a San Diego area woman went missing and although her car was later found in Ocean Beach, she was never located. A few weeks after police posted a missing persons alert, we were notified she had left behind a very sweet, yet very scared Rottweiler named Astro. The daughter of the missing woman came to San Diego to help search for her mother and found Astro in very poor condition. Little Astro was covered in fleas, wounds and open sores due to neglect and had terrible infections in both ears and in so much pain, he didn't want anyone to touch him. He was underweight, in awful physical condition and the only person he new since he was a pup, was gone. 

Astro has been with our rescue vet for a few weeks while his wounds and infections are treated. Naturally, this little fellow was terrified but he has been such a lovely boy throughout his ordeal. New people, new place, and a dreadful cone on on his head to allow his ears and skin to heal and Astro is already a vet staff favorite. He's healing nicely and is ready to be adopted by a family who can see beyond the healing wounds and missing hair (that is growing back with regular food, baths and flea prevention). He was just under 60lbs when he arrived at the vet and should be around 70-75 lbs. Yes, he's a little Rottweiler but he's big on sweetness. He knows some basic commands and appears to be house trained since he doesn't potty in his dog run. He is very people friendly but a little reserved at first - if you know Rottweilers, you know this is NORMAL for the breed. So far he's been non reactive to other dogs and cats and very food motivated to learn.  He loves his walks and can even give a high five for a treat! We'd love to get this guy into a permanent home soon since he's endured so much. We'll get more photos when he leaves the vet for his foster home. 
 ~ 5/2017 update ~

Astro is out of the vet office and in foster care and we think this is the first time he's ever seen grass! He's putting on some healthy pounds and his wounds are getting better every day. He's finally comfortable enough that he's willing to play chase with toys and we think his smile is getting bigger! He's ready for his new home and ready to be your best boy!