All dogs listed on this page are waiting for their special family to adopt them. The Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego does not have a kennel and relies on the generosity of foster families.  If you are interested in being a foster home or sponsoring a dog please contact us! 
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Layla - 2yr old female    She's looking for love!

Little Miss Layla is looking for her new family. She's come SOO far since we first rescued her and she's absolutely ready for a family of her own!! Lovely Little Layla - sure has been through a lot for such a young dog. She and her littermate brother are the result of inexperienced puppy sellers who left them in a vacant yard and did nothing more than throw food over the wall to feed them. They spent the first year of their life with no human interaction, no vet visits, not even names. When we brought them into our program they were terrified of EVERYTHING and honestly, we weren't sure they were going to recover. We are happy to say that with a LOT of time and effort by our club members, she has come to realize that people and places aren't so scary after all! She is a small Rottweiler at 55lbs and very sweet but still reserved at first with new things. She will do best in a home with other dogs and humans who will continue to expose her to new things and training using a positive approach.  In her foster home, she sleeps in a crate at night and enjoys playing with the two resident male Rottweilers and a 7yr old girl. She's chipped, spayed, vaccinated and ready to bond with humans who will welcome her into their family. 
Preserving a working heritage

Tyson - 8mo male ***Adopted 1/10/2014***

Can you believe this adorable boy was DUMPED at a boarding kennel? Tyson is a handsome young male who spent the last month waiting for his owner to come back for him after what was supposed to be a two day stay. That guy is a looser but Tyson wins this round because he's now part of our rescue and we'll make sure he gets a new family that is worthy of a Rottweiler! Tyson is in our foster care and hanging out with two small dogs and is a perfect pup. He's very happy to be out of the kennel but he's also just....a happy dog! He loves to play with a ball and is a typical 8 month old pup that is full of life and ready to experience more of it!  He is crate trained and while in our foster care, will learn basic manners but training is a must for his next owners. 
Zeus - 8yr old    
The unbreakable spirit of a Rottweiler - please help!

Boy oh boy - we hope someone out there can find room in their heart and home for this super sweet dog. Zeus is a perfect example of how resilient and forgiving Rottweilers are. He was nearly unrecognizable a few months ago through no fault of his own but he has all the love and affection of any Rottweiler we've had in our rescue (he likes to give gentle kisses). Zeus has made a fantastic recovery and his personality and playfulness have emerged now that he feels (and looks) better. His skin is healed, his fur has almost completely returned and his tummy is full and best of all, his Rottweiler-ness is in full swing. Affectionate, playful and loving, this guy will make a WONDERFUL companion and friend. Sadly - too many people pass on adult dogs and don't realize how incredibly appreciative and loyal they are. We had a foster lined up for him who had to back out to take in a few emergency dogs and now we are in dire need of a foster or permanent home for this boy. He gets along with other dogs, large and small, but does find cats to be a little....too much fun. He's neutered, chipped and healthy and LOVES to go for walks or just lay near a human on a comfy bed. 
​Zeus - Before
​Zeus - After lots of TLC!
Maya - 1 yr old female - more pictures coming soon

Marvelous Maya, is a beautiful one year old pretty female who is extremely friendly, great wtih with other dogs and children and is housebroken (woo hoo!). In her previous home, she was an indoor dog and lived with two small dogs and slept in the room of her 'little humans'. She has a soft, yet very 'willing' temperament and can be shy at first but warms up after a few minutes. She didn't get out much in her prior home but we are working on that by exposing her to as many new things as possible and making it a fun game! She loves to run around the yard, but doesn’t seem to know how play with balls or toys!! We don't think she had dog toys in her previous homes (yes, homes…she was passed around a few times before coming to us). She is just now getting familiar with walking on a leash and needs a home that will commit to take time and continuing her training and constructive exposure/socialization (no, dog parks don't count.....ask us why). She's about 75lbs and enormously sweet.