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We are passionate about this breed and want the very best for each of them. But we understand that sometimes, life deals an unexpected hand. Before trying to re-home your Rottweiler, we really hope you will consider ALL the options and not just the easy ones. 

Rottweilers bond more closely and strongly to their humans than any other breed and would rather spend the rest of their life with YOU, their family, no matter what the living condition. Your dog would be happier having you for 20 minutes a day, than to be uprooted from the only love and family they have ever known. They don't understand WHY they are being re-homed and sadly, some dogs never fully adjust to this change and become un-adoptable. 

Good Rottweiler homes are VERY hard to find due to breed restrictions, homeowners insurance, public perception and over-breeding. This is why we try very hard to help owners keep their dogs, and help them get through the issue whether it's training, behavior education, or Rottweiler friendly housing. 

We are not a sanctuary, nor do we have kennels for dogs. All dogs in our program are fostered in private homes, with families and often other dogs. Therefore, we can take only a limited number of dogs into our rescue. Since most dogs come to us with little or no training/socialization, our fosters must spend a great deal of time, patience and funds to get them ready for adoption. In some cases, we cannot take a dog because we have no available fosters, or the dog being surrendered is too aggressive, stressed or poorly socialized. 

If re-homing is your only option and we don't have available fosters, we can provide a courtesy listing for your dog while you continue to house (foster) him. We'll post on our web site and on Pet Finder and send prescreened applicants (based on our criteria) directly to you. We request a minimum $50 donation to our rescue for this service. 

Please note that if your dog has serious health or behavior issues, ask yourself if YOU would adopt a Rottweiler with these issues. Please don't place them with a rescue or shelter and expect them to find a solution. You have the power and responsibility to prevent further stress, fear or harm to your pet and put them to rest, lovingly and humanely. 

They didn't have a choice when you brought them home, but you have a choice in their quality of life. 
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We will want to speak with your veterinarian so please notify them that we will be calling and that you authorize them, or their representatives to release all records of your dog to us. 

By checking the submit button on this form, you acknowledge and agree that the information provided above is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. You understand that the Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego will perform an evaluation on the dog and neither the evaluation, nor submittal of this form grantees acceptance of the dog into our rescue.
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