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Occasionally, we take in Rottweilers who, through no fault of their own, have been relinquished or have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances. It's never the dogs fault - they wholly depend on their humans for everything including basic manners, regular vet care and the full commitment to understanding the true characteristics of the breed and housing restrictions in most areas BEFORE acquiring them as puppies. We have a small, all volunteer run rescue where dogs receive behavior assessment, vet care, spay/neuter, microchips, basic manners and of course, love and affection. Our goal is to match the right home with the right dog to ensure the new home is a forever home. Dogs in our rescue have endured enough just by losing their first home so we owe it to them to make sure their next home is their last home.

Rottweilers are highly trainable at ANY age and even an adult or senior dog will bond with their new owner if given the chance. The most common age for Rottweilers to end up in rescue is 1.5 - 3yrs and primarily relinquished due to improper training when they were puppies. Before purchasing your Rottweiler puppy, please consider adoption. We may not have a suitable dog in our rescue but work with several other rescues who may have your perfect match!

Luna - 1y female


Lovely Luna is ready for luvin'!  She's been with us for a few months while she's been learning "retiquette" (that's Rottie Etiquette) and she's been an absolute gem. She loves to learn so an ideal home is one that will keep her mentally and physically active but also enjoy some snuggle time. She's good with other well mannered dogs, knows basic commands and does well on the leash. This sweet girl loves giving Rottie leans and gentle kisses and hasn't meet a person she didn't like! Luna is about 70lbs and has a BEAUTIFUL natural tail. Use our online adoption application form if you'd like to learn more about Lovely Luna! 

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